Reshaping the natural teeth to make them straighter or more youthful in appearance.

White Filling - Tooth-colored filling material made of resin reinforced with silica or porcelain particles.

Chipped and irregular teeth can spoil the 'smile line'

Small corrections to the length and shape of each tooth can make a big difference.

The changes can be made easily and quickly.

A gap in the front teeth (Diastema) can appear unsightly.

Tubes are placed over the two teeth and filled with Composite material.

This builds up the teeth, closing the gap. The material is hardened with a bright light.

Amalgam fillings in the lower jaw can often be seen when we talk or laugh. But amalgam fillings can also sometimes be seen in the upper jaw.

These can be unsightly and can also discolour the tooth.

Composite (White) fillings are available to improve this.

Over time the gum can recede away from the crown this is known as the crown margin.

The old crown can be removed and a new, deeper crown fitted to cover this area.

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